Since 1992, Business Resource Services was formed with the specific goal of making cost-effective connections between small to mid-size businesses with services that increase cash flow and improve their bottom lines. One such service we focus on with a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced professionals is the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit.

There are many Federal and State R&D Tax Credit programs that reward business owners of all sizes for their day-to-day efforts. Our team of engineers and accountants work closely with business owners to uncover the opportunities with the highest return – ultimately driving efficiency, profitability and delivering maximum benefits to their bottom line.

The Research and Development Tax Credit became permanent as part of the PATH Act in 2015.  With the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” (TCJA), the R&D Tax Credit remained preserved.

It is a government sponsored benefit that provides incentives for United States based companies conducting Research, Development and Innovation. These economic incentives were implemented to stimulate innovation in industries of all sizes to encourage companies to work together in transforming the economic landscape.

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